Paradojas visuales.



~Cuando se ama demasiado.


~Cuando ella existe.



One side shows a blurry painting resembling a distorted, disturbing face. The other reveals the calm, comforting expression of an anime character. The journey back-and-forth between those images are what make the works of Makoto Taniguchi so special. Only able to see the blurry image at first, one has to move around the mirror to try and get a glimpse of the clear painting on the other side.

The 32-year-old Japanese artist wants viewers to feel lost contemplating his work. By playing on the ever-present faces of anime culture, he explores the mysterious ways in which our mind turns reality into fleeting images

When I try to draw the interior ‘images’ which though invisible to the eye surely do exist, the dazzling brightness and the ephemeral nature of that existence surges forth, and I start to think about my own ideas of ‘existence’ and my views on life

If you are in Tokyo, you can see Taniguchi’s works in his “Untilted” exhibition at Nanzuka Gallery until March, 29th 2014.

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Beautiful Architectural Watercolors From Maja Wrońska

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Meret Oppenheim


Meret Oppenheim

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Biblis (1884) by William Adolphe Bouguereau


Biblis (1884) by William Adolphe Bouguereau

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Mike Mitchell x Marvel x Mondo.

Opening Friday, April 25th at Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas is Mike Mitchell’s very anticipated solo show, “Mike Mitchell x Marvel x Mondo.”  The show features a very large assortment of brand new portraits by the pop culture artist, now legitimately a pop culture icon himself (ie., TIME Magazine), of Marvel superheroes and villains of which Mitchell has produced exactly 50.  Alongside the photorealistic portraits Mike will be debuting 12 new “Just Like Us" Marvel characters, which is what Mitchell has named his more cartoon-like portraiture series after a solo show at Gallery 1988 several years ago of the same name.  Check out more from the show below and if you’re in Austin don’t miss your chance to see all the show’s glory in person:

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